Saturday, September 3, 2011

Private Investigators

Sue Grafton

Main Character: Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone

Series: Alphabet Books, A is for... etc.

Setting: Santa Teresa, CA in the 1980s -- even though the series started in 1982, the character has only aged seven or eight years.  The 80s pop culture references and lack of computer sleuthing can be a draw for some.

Point of View: First person

Style/Pacing: Slower paced with periods of action.  All steps in the investigation (conversations, research, etc.) are described in detail.  Some may find the writing too detailed.

Main Character Traits: Relationship shy; quirky; 80s fashion victim

Language/Writing: Detail oriented; step-by-step crime solving

Emotional Impact/Degree of Violence: Violence is kept to a minimum as are descriptive passages about gore. 

Humor?: Some light humor

Vulgarity/Sex?: Occasional swearing, all sex is off the page.  Rated: PG

Issue Driven?: Depends on the book.  S is for Silence deals with elder abuse.  She tries to go with different types of crimes for each entry in the series.  In R is for Richochet Kinsey is beginning a new relationship and she deals with all the difficulties that comes with starting again.

Special Points: You don't need to start with A; author fills the reader in on Kinsey's life in each story.

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